Artificial Clay Tennis Courts in Alnmouth

Artificial Clay Tennis Courts in Alnmouth

Synthetic clay tennis surfacing has become increasingly popular for many clubs and schools as it provides top quality performance with an easy to maintain surface.

Synthetic Clay Courts in Alnmouth

Synthetic Clay Courts in Alnmouth

The artificial clay court specification is made using a fake grass carpet which is infilled with specialist sand to give the playability of real clay.

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Artificial Clay Tennis Courts in Alnmouth

Bring back the excitement of the traditional game by putting a modern twist to it! 

If you're wondering how to do this, you can do so by incorporating a better playing surface, like the artificial clay tennis court surface, to help you gain better speed and precision when you play tennis.

Artificial clay tennis courts in Alnmouth NE66 2 are becoming very popular for UK tennis courts.

It gives players the excellent performance qualities of natural clay while eliminating the need for continuous heavy maintenance. Clay tennis courts have excellent grip and allow for a precise spin, sliding, and rallies.

The ClayCourt Pro artificial tennis surface specification is made using a premium synthetic grass carpet and the high-quality sand infill to create the characteristics of natural clay, which most professional players favour over any other tennis court surface type.

Synthetic ClayCourt Pro surfacing in Alnmouth and surrounding areas provides the same ball speed, bounce and slide capabilities as real clay courts. The grass and sand are even dyed terracotta to match the appearance of the natural clay courts.

Performance qualities of these fake surfacing facilities are fully endorsed by the ITF (International Tennis Federation), so you can be sure they’ll provide the best conditions for training and matches.

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Professional Tennis Court Installers in Alnmouth

As the artificial grass carpet for a ClayCourt Pro system near me is fully porous, water can drain through it easily, and the surface does not become flooded.

This makes the synthetic clay specification an all-weather system that can still be used during wet conditions, as opposed to natural, which will be unplayable after a small amount of rain. The maintenance for synthetic clay courts in Alnmouth is also much simpler as it just needs regular drag brushing through the sand infill and clearing away dirt and debris to stop contamination from moss and weeds.

We offer a range of professional services for installing, cleaning and maintaining artificial clay tennis courts in Alnmouth NE66 2

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What are the Benefits of Artificial Clay Courts?

There are numerous benefits of artificial clay courts that make synthetic tennis facilities a great alternative to natural clay for clubs and schools looking to have the best playing qualities but perhaps don’t have the time or money to look after a real clay-court surface.

These artificial surface types can also be installed over existing macadam courts which may have become damaged, therefore helping to save money on groundworks and cutting the overall costs.

We can carry out the full construction of a ClayCourt Pro tennis surface nearby, including any additional installations and maintenance services to help you get the most out of your new sports court.

Synthetic Clay Tennis Facilities

The specially designed synthetic clay surfacing in Alnmouth can be installed on your tennis court in various area sizes and specifications to suit your facility. We can also create a personalised design that is in keeping with your budget requirements.

Additional extras like fencing and floodlights will often be included as well if you are building an entirely new court. All you need to do to get more info about the services we have available is fill out the contact form on our site, and a member of our team will get in touch with you regarding the service or services you require.

These types of surfaces are great for people who participate in this sport to a high level. Professionals use natural clay, but they require a lot of maintenance, so ClayCourtPro facilities in Alnmouth and surrounding areas are popular.

They perform like original clay courts but without the amount of maintenance required to keep them being suitable.

How Do You Maintain a Clay Tennis Court?

This style of court requires very little maintenance. All you have to do now is brush and water to your heart's content. Brushing the top dressing material across the court surface helps disseminate it.

Doing the brushing while the court is damp will assist to take more of the loose top dressing out of the fibres and dry it out. The brushing can be done before or after play as needed.

How Do You Maintain a Clay Tennis

Water ensures optimum traction and keeps a court strong and sturdy. Watering should be done as needed to keep the court in good shape. Watering is usually done twice a day, once overnight and once in the middle of the day at most sites.

Whatever schedule you choose, make sure it provides enough water to keep the court performing well until the next watering cycle.

What Type of Clay is Used for Tennis Courts?

Clay courts are primarily divided into two types: red clay courts, which are made up of a coarse brick combination, and green clay courts, which are made up of crushed metabasalt, commonly known as Har-Tru.

These materials dry faster than traditional clay, which is rarely used on modern tennis courts.

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If you’re interested in installing ClayCourt Pro synthetic clay tennis facilities in Alnmouth NE66 2 for your school, college, club, community group, or leisure centre, please feel free to contact us know what your requirements are for the project.

We will be able to give you some professional advice regarding specification, construction and price quotations for your individual sports surface needs and requirements. All of our prices for an artificial claycourt are subject to the existing conditions of the area, the dimensions of the facility and the site location. Still, we can be flexible to fit within a range of budgets to create significant value quotes for our work.

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