Synthetic Clay Tennis Surfacing in Ardintoul

Synthetic Clay Tennis Surfacing in Ardintoul

There are many benefits of having synthetic clay surfacing for your tennis court as it gives premium playing characteristics and requires very little maintenance.

Artificial Clay Court Design in Ardintoul

Artificial Clay Court Design in Ardintoul

The design of synthetic clay tennis surfacing is created to mimic the appearance and playability of real clay to give players an excellent sporting experience on the court.

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Synthetic Clay Tennis Surfacing in Ardintoul

A lot of tennis clubs have synthetic clay tennis surfacing in Ardintoul IV40 8 installed to improve their existing facilities and give players the best environment to develop their skills. Natural clay courts are often seen as the best surface types for practising and playing tennis, and most professional players prefer this specification to hard courts and grass surfaces. However the problem with real-clay surfaces is that it becomes messy very quickly and requires a lot of heavy maintenance and watering to keep it in the best condition.

By installing artificial clay surfacing in Ardintoul you can transform a muddy court or hard surface into a much more comfortable and easy to manage facility. The specification makes for a more enjoyable playing exeprience so users are able to develop certain skills in training sessions.

What are Synthetic Tennis Courts?

Synthetic tennis courts could be astroturf, needlepunch, multi-sport surfacing and also ClayCourtPro. Each type has advantages for getting them installed, it just depends on the kind of use which is going to be participaated on the facility. ClayCourtPro is a great option for individuals and groups who play to a high standard because it has similar performance qualities to natural-clay. The different is that ClayCourPro does not need a large amount of servicing carried out consistently.

This is why synthetic clay tennis surfacing in Ardintoul IV40 8 is becoming a more popular choice as local tennis clubs and schools want the greatest playing qualities but can’t afford to carry out a lot of maintenance on a real clay-court. The synthetic clay sports surfacing gets its specialised properties by using a combination of artificial grass carpet and a sand infill layer, this system allows rain water to drain away easily to game play can carry on in wet conditions. This is a big advantage as real-clay can become unsuitable for use very quickly in wet weather, making a massive inconvenience for the club especially during winter.

How to Decide on your Tennis Surfacing

To find out which tennis surfacing you should have installed at your facility, it is recommended that you read the information below:

1. Decide the standard which you will be playing to

2. Speak to professional contractors about what you are interested in

3. Let them know the budget which you have available

4. See how much maintenance budget you have

5. Look at the options which can be offered - even play on each of the surfaces

6. Make a chocie and let the specialists get started on installing the facility

Artificial Clay Court Design in Ardintoul

The specialised artificial clay court design near me makes this the perfect surface type for organisations who want to give players the opportunity to use the top facilities, but don’t have the time or budget to look after a real-clay surface. The terracotta colouring is another part of the artificial clay court design which gives the synthetic surfacing the same appearance as natural-clay. To achieve this colour, the sand infill layer is baked to transform it into a bright orange shade. This is a more effective way of colouring the surfacing instead of dying it as it stops the colour rubbing off and staining players’ clothes during game play.

Once installed, these artificial courts in Ardintoul and surrounding areas are extremely cost efficient as they require little maintenance. However the installation costs of synthetic clay surfacing in Ardintoul are varied depending on location, chosen area size, design and any additional equipment you require. Our experts will be able to create a unique design for your facility which incorporates everything you need at a price to suit you. All you need to do is let us know as much info about the service you require and we will contact you about this.

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We can assist you in all aspects of the artificial clay court design in Ardintoul and surrounding areas, including the surfacing itself and the extra features for a full facility. These could be specialist rebound fencing, professional sports floodlighting and maintenance equipment to help you with looking after the synthetic clay tennis surfacing nearby once it has been built. Please get in touch with us if you’re looking for a price on the installation of an artificial clay tennis court in Ardintoul IV40 8 and we’d be happy to give you an estimate for your project.

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